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Free Webinar: Tuesday 26th January

How Global EPR Fee-Paying Regulations impact Medical Device Manufacturers

Emma Mundy, Senior Consultant at Lorax Compliance, will help you understand, forecast, and minimize the budgetary impact of EPR compliance.

Many Medical Device manufacturers are unaware of their global reporting obligations for packaging, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), and battery recycling. Manufacturers need to calculate and pay fees for products sold into the EU, Asia/Pacific, and North America. It's effectively an eco-tax to ensure that country/state/province recycling targets are met.

The Regulations are robustly enforced: if you fail to register and pay your fees, you may face stiff fines and damaging publicity.

The Webinar will help you understand, forecast, and minimize the budgetary impact of EPR compliance and address questions such as:

  • Is your company registered in the right countries; are you paying the correct fees; and what are the risks of non-compliance?
  • How the EU Essential Requirements doctrine impacts your packaging design.
  • How your product routes-to-market can change your liability for the payment of fees.
  • The specific EPR issues affecting Medical Device companies.
  • Examples of key markets, including the EU, Australia, Canada, the United States and South America, where EPR regulations have been or are being adopted and how they may impact your supply chain in the near future.

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