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Comply With New German Packaging Laws Or Face Fines

Businesses that place goods on the German market face a fine of up to €50,000 and a prohibition in sales if they fail to comply with the country's updated packaging laws.​​

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Lorax Compliance urges manufacturers and retailers targeting German electronics market to plan for WEEE changes

​Manufacturers and retailers placing electrical goods on the market in Germany must be aware of the changes of scope to German electronics legislation which​ will come in force later this year to ensure their environmental compliance, advises expert Lorax Compliance.

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Applause for DRS but councils wary of impact

Michelle Carvell, director at environmental reporting provider, Lorax Compliance, said she was pleased the government is keeping the UK's plastics challenge high on the environmental agenda.

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UK firms could be a step ahead of Plastics Pact

Lorax Compliance COO says businesses already pay towards global recycling but applauds UK Plastics Pact.

Michelle Carvell, Chief Operating Officer, Lorax Compliance, has expressed her support for the UK Plastics Pact while pointing out that firms have already been making a significant contribution towards international recycling.

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Lorax Compliance welcomes EU vote on circular economy

The packaging compliance specialist appreciates the aim to improve the way in which, among other things, packaging waste is managed. The vote, which took place on 18 April, has seen the key waste management element of the Circular Economy Action Plan move one step closer to Europe-wide adoption.

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Will There Be A Food Waste Increase Because Of Plastic Packaging Ban?

Michelle Carvell, COO at Lorax Compliance, is concerned that food waste could increase as a result of a ban on single-use plastics in packaging. While she welcomes the government's long-awaited consultation on the subject she fears the national food waste crisis will only get worse if other considerations are not taken into account.

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Packaging experts to review the role of plastics in food industry

Packaging expert Lorax Compliance said: A ban on plastics packaging would lead to an increase in food waste, which impulses the UK government to review the full circularity of plastics' role in the food supply chain as part of its forthcoming consultation and to involve food manufacturers and producers as part of the review, in order to minimise future waste and costs of perishable goods.

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25 year government environment plan published

The UK waste and resources industry has largely welcomed the government's 25 Year Environment Plan, although calls remain for more substance to sh​ore up the proposals. ​​
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Chancellor confirms plans to investigate tax for single-use plastics

Philip Hammond, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, has announced a call for evidence on how taxes could help to tackle the issue of packaging waste during ​his Budget speech today. ​​​

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Lorax launches global bottle deposit scheme compliance service

Environmental regulation expert, Lorax Compliance, has launched a new service to support businesses worldwide required to pay deposit fees for drinks and beverages.

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‘Firms have obligations to reduce the environmental impact of their products’

Michelle Carvell, director and COO at environmental software and consultancy services provider Lorax Compliance , explains how food and drink manuf... Visit www.bakeryinfo.co.uk today for more information!

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Environmental compliance reporting: the global challenge

Originally a European phenomenon, environmental compliance reporting has now become a global responsibility. Manufacturers and businesses across the world are ​risking fines and reputational damage through non-compliance with waste legislation. This article explains how direct selling companies can best navigate these choppy legislative waters.

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Simplifying compliance for manufacturers

Manufacturers must comply with legislation to declare the amount of packaging they're placing on the market. The problem is the rules dictating what companies need to declare are different in every single country.​

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Amway appoints Lorax to manage environmental compliance reporting

Health, beauty and hom​e care product specialist Amway has appointed Lorax Compliance to provide software and services to ensure the corporation meets its environmental reporting obligations.

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Fresenius Kabi decides on EPR compliance system

Fresenius Kabi is implementing a new compliance system from Lorax Compliance which will ensure the company continues to meet its Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) reporting obligations.

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Understanding packaging waste complexities

Michelle Carvell, director of clie​​nt services at Lorax Compliance, explains the legislation behind the EPR directives.

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