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Challenges of EPR reporting
by Lynn Perks at 09:41 in Battery, Environmental, Packaging, WEEE

Whilst navigating the complex world of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) it can be overwhelming for the producer to keep up to date with legislative and reporting requirements.

Lorax EPI are here to help!


Following on from my blog post 'Why Data is King', keeping on top of your legal obligations for EPR reporting can be a challenge. The information that needs to be reported to EPR organizations can differ widely between countries across the globe. At Lorax EPI we closely monitor changing requirements in the law, which can often lead to a need for more granular data point collection and reporting.

You can greatly improve your EPR reporting quality by regularly reviewing and updating your packaging weights and types of packaging materials used for sales to market. For example, this allows companies that use certifiable recycled content materials, reusable packaging and easily recyclable materials to benefit from lower fees and bonuses in certain markets. Where data points are not available, a worst-case approach is often required, which can result in higher fees.

There continue to be many benefits of knowing and tracking your product/packaging/WEEE/battery data: -

  • Record your packaging improvements through periodic packaging data reviews.
    • These improvements can directly link to your ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and sustainability targets.
  • Being ready for changing EPR costs
    • Having data at a granular component level will ensure accurate and best-case scenario fees are applied, when they arrive.
  • Having your data in an easily auditable format for when stakeholders or national authorities review your submitted volumes.
    • Centralising and retaining one set of figures reduces the need for multiple datasets, or people to maintain them.
  • Being able to make reports as required by market you sell and are obligated into on time and without penalty.
    • Each market has differing reporting requirements, formats and fees, so knowing your data will enable you to comply in every market you are obligated to report in.

Lorax EPI have the knowledge and expertise to help you with your global or local reporting responsibilities. To find out more contact us today!

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