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The 6 R’s of Sustainability: Simple ways to be more sustainable
by Jasmine Norton at 16:26 in Environmental, Circular Economy, Content

​It is becoming increasingly clear that the planet is under intense pressure from the over-consumption and exploitation of finite resources - creating severe consequences for nature and people worldwide. We can and must all play a part in creating a more sustainable present and future, which can start in both our personal and working lives.

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Knowing and understanding the 6 R's of sustainability is a useful starting point, and can help remind us to make more sustainable choices and contribute to a greener world.

They go as follows:

1) Rethink

We are all creatures of unconscious habits – and often making the greener choice isn't the first thing we think about when we see something we really want. But we can create space to make the conscious effort of questioning how we can be more sustainable and whether we truly need something – those new clothes, that food that will probably go to waste, or something from the newest trends. This will truly help us to limit the amount we consume and waste and create a sustainable future.

2) Refuse

This is linked to the point above – although we may be aware that we don't need something, the next step is actually refraining from buying it! When making this choice, its easier to refrain from purchasing something when you know it will end up creating more damage to the environment than good.

3) Reduce

The main takeaway point from this is that ultimately, if you consume less, in turn you will waste less. If there is something you simply cannot refuse, making the choice to reduce it is another great step to take in becoming more sustainable.

4) Reuse

This is probably my favorite R. Finding creative ways to repurpose something before throwing it away can be incredibly rewarding, especially knowing you are helping the planet in the process. You will be surprised at how many things can be reused – go crazy!

5) Repair

Get your fixing gloves on, and before throwing something broken away, see if it can be repaired! Get rid of it only when you believe it no longer has any use.

6) Recycle

Of course, we cannot have the 6 R's without Recycle! Help the things you do throw away reach the right places that can help them to be repurposed.

I hope that this explanation of the 6 R's has been a useful guide in helping you get to grips with how you can become more sustainable. Although implementing all of them is challenging, taking just one small step will help to create positive change, and provides hope for the future of our planet.

There is only one Earth – and we must look after it.

Thank you for reading.

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