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Why software will take away the pain of your compliance reporting schedule
by Michelle Carvell at 10:24 in Packaging, Environmental, WEEE, Battery

​As we approach the holiday season, the last thing anyone wants to think about are Waste (packaging/WEEE/battery) submission deadlines coming up in the New Year. Compliance teams will be using the first few weeks back from the holidays to frantically collect together sales data, product data, materials and weights, as well as, remember what was done a year ago, check to ensure no changes to the regulations and ensure the deadlines are met.

Lorax Compliance offer a number of services to make this process easier for you, so rather than worry what you might come back to after Christmas, read on to see how we can help take the pain away and make it all run smoothly in the New Year.

1. We centralise your data

Using our software, we can store Bills of Materials for all products, as well as Consignment and Bulk Warehouse packaging. This provides a central database for any team member to drop in, review and collect standard product stewardship data, which can be used across the world wherever reports are required. Retaining one set of data removes the need for multiple datasets, or people to maintain them.

2. We provide you in-depth analysis on the expected content of your reports.

Our software will provide a detailed breakdown of the Bills of Materials loaded against your products. Missing and inconsistent data will be flagged to ensure you have the most complete and accurate set of figures possible. Country by country sales analysis makes the job even more streamlined, so you are not wasting your efforts on old or unrelated products.

3. We track reporting deadlines

Our unique calendar will indicate when you have upcoming reports and warn you if you have not submitted on time. Reports can be versioned and compared to give you complete transparency into the submission details.

4. We scale the processing

The start of the year is an intense reporting period. With multiple companies all reporting to different markets, on different schedules, our software leverages the Amazon Web Services (AWS) auto-scaling functions which ensures all our customers receive their reports on time, no matter what the demand.

5. We know what is required in each market to complete the reports

Each market across the world has different requirements, which require different reporting formats and fees. It's our job to keep track of all of them, and ensure you are provided reports exactly as you need them. As we move into 2017, major reporting changes have already been flagged for at least 3 packaging schemes, 2 WEEE schemes and 1 battery scheme and many more schemes have updated their fees. Next year significant changes will start to emerge for WEEE and we are happy to provide advice.

6. We create detailed audit reports

If creating and submitting the reports wasn't enough, the requirement for having the figures audited is never far away. Each submission in our software creates a suite of detailed calculation breakdown reports. These ​provide invaluable support for your regulatory program, audits and due dilligence.

7. We provide cost transparency

Producer responsibility reports are costing you money, but do you know exactly where the costs are coming from? Using our new Business Intelligence (BI) functionality, we can show you just how much EPR is costing your business. Want to see year-on-year cost comparisons, or which products are costing you the most? No problem, our easy-to-read metrics can give you a simple insight into the data behind the compliance cost of placing your product on the market.

Being compliant is harder and more time-consuming than ever. If Lorax Compliance can help you streamline your compliance reporting process through our software or consulting services please get in touch via our website.

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