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New EPR Regulations announced in Brazil
by Ellen Thornton at 19:03 in Battery, Emerging, Packaging, WEEE

On 3 April, The Sao Paulo State environment agency (CETESB) issued Decision No. 076/2018/C establishing the integration of take-back requirements into the environmental permitting procedure. Manufacturers, importers, distributors and sellers of certain products may only be issued environmental operation permits after compliance with take-back regulations ...

Austria: ERA batteries compliance update
by Ellen Thornton at 09:32 in Battery, Emerging

​ERA is a battery and WEEE compliance scheme in Austria. The scheme covers appliance, vehicle and industrial batteries and requires either monthly, quarterly or annual reports depending on the producer's annual fee.

Emerging EPR in South America
by Ellen Thornton at 10:20 in Battery, Emerging, Content, Packaging, Circular Economy, WEEE, Environmental

There is currently an array of changes occurring in South America in relation to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations and recycling laws. Countries such as Brazil, Chile a​nd Argentina are catching up with Europe as many new EPR Bills are proposed.

Battery recycling in Australia – what are the next steps?
by Ellen Thornton at 13:45 in Battery, Environmental

​Currently, in Australia, only 5% of handheld rechargeable batteries are recycled. Many of these contain hazardous substances with the capacity to harm people and the environment. This was one of the issues discussed by Commonwealth, State and Territory Environment Ministers on 28th July in Melbourne. They recognised successful pilot schemes in Toowoomba ...

Reporting and obligation thresholds – what are they and how do they differ?
by Ellen Thornton at 14:40 in Battery, Environmental, Packaging, WEEE

Obligations and reporting thresholds for packaging, WEEE and battery schemes vary from scheme to scheme and country to country. Obligation thresholds are more typically implemented through packaging waste legislation and reporting thresholds can be seen in p​​ackaging, WEEE and battery legislation. However, many countries have not implemented thresholds a...

Should you be reporting under new EPR regulations in Chile?
by Emma Mundy at 15:35 in Battery, Emerging, Environmental, Packaging, WEEE

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a global issue and no longer contained in regulation within the EU. Latin America has recently seen a surge in EPR style legislation being implemented and many countries are in various stages of development of EPR regulations, Chile is no exception. Today's blog focusses on what you should be doing if you sell cer...

Can you avoid the reporting treadmill this year?
by Emma Mundy at 08:10 in Battery, Environmental, Packaging, WEEE

The EU's focus on resource preservation and reuse has put manufacturers under increasing pressure over the past two decades to meet strict legislative requirements on environmental reporting. This has created a tricky path for producers to navigate as reporting requirements differ in each country. Depending on the size of your company, you could have come...

Charging forward! What is the future of the battery?
by William Fleming at 08:41 in Battery, Circular Economy, Environmental

​What is the future of the battery and does it have a place in our rapidly changing technologies? Ever since the discovery of electricity, modern man has developed ways to store it through the use of batteries. A discovery in 1938 by archaeologist Wilhelm Konig that has puzzled many is the discovery of the 'Baghdad Battery'. The Baghdad Batt...

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