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Austria: ERA WEEE compliance update
by Ellen Thornton at 14:40 in Emerging, WEEE

ERA is a battery and WEEE compliance scheme in Austria. The scheme covers household and industrial WEEE and requires either monthly, quarterly or annual reports depending on the producer’s annual fee.

Austria: ERA batteries compliance update
by Ellen Thornton at 09:32 in Battery, Emerging

​ERA is a battery and WEEE compliance scheme in Austria. The scheme covers appliance, vehicle and industrial batteries and requires either monthly, quarterly or annual reports depending on the producer's annual fee.

To Compete or not Compete: Looking at Competition vs. Monopoly in EPR schemes
by Emma Mundy at 08:40 in Environmental, Packaging

Across the world PRO organisations are available for companies to join in order to comply with their Extended Producer Responsibility reporting. Compliance schemes are membership organisations that register members with the relevant authority and ensure that companies meet their financial obligations under the different EPR directives.

Fee Changes in Austria
by James Gibbs at 11:27 in Environmental, Packaging

​Did you know that Austria's waste management scheme Alstoff Recycling Austria (ARA) is changing its fees from the 1 January 2017? If you are a packaging producer in Austria, you may be affected.

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