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Fee Changes in Austria
by James Gibbs at 11:27 in Environmental, Packaging

​Did you know that Austria's waste management scheme Alstoff Recycling Austria (ARA) is changing its fees from the 1 January 2017? If you are a packaging producer in Austria, you may be affected.

ARA rates also rose in 2016, however despite a significant downturn in the Austrian waste sector with cost increases of up to 13%, ARA implemented extensive cost reduction and efficiency enhancement programs. Through these initiatives, ARA limited the increase in rates to an average of 6%.

From Jan 2017 some fees will drop, but overall costs to producers will be primarily staying the same, this is due to the continued weakness of international waste markets. Producers of packaging which contains ferrous metals will be hit the worst and will see a tariff increase due to the slump in commodity markets.

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