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Take Back obligations now apply in Germany
by Emma Mundy at 07:37 in Environmental, WEEE

​Germany transposed the WEEE recast in October 2015 through ElektroG2. The law allowed for certain obligations to be phased in.

As of Monday 25 July the take back obligation for traders of waste electrical equipment entered into force. The obligation to take back applies to both retailers and online traders with a sales or shipping/storage space of >400m². Large equipment should always be returned free of charge if new similar equipment is purchased and smaller devices that are not more than 25cm in any dimension must always be allowed to be returned free of charge without the customer having to buy a new one.

Retailers and online traders who are not obligated under take back duties may still take back waste electrical equipment voluntarily.

If you think you may be effected by the WEEE regulations in Germany please contact the Lorax Compliance regulatory team on info@loraxcompliance.com


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